Anna Sahlene is a Stockholm-based singer, songwriter and actress who´s been a part of the Swedish music scene for over a decade.

Anna has just released her third studio album "Roses" where she is the main song writer. Contributing to the album are also internationally acclaimed writers such as Grammy Award winner Steve Robson, Paloma Faith, Marit Bergman and Aleena Gibson. The main producer of "Roses" is Anna´s long-term musical partner, Erik Bernholm. Here follows Anna´s own words about the making of the album:

" It´s almost surreal to me that it´s been seven years between my last album, "Photograph", and "Roses", but I do hope, and believe that it´s been worth the wait for my audience. Why it took so long? Well, life came knocking at my door, basically… I´ve become a mother twice since my last record, and I have been working a lot domestically in Sweden, however I´ve been laying very low on the international side. My intention is that "Roses" will change that!

Honestly, this album has very much been a work in progress, and the final results differ a lot from where I started. I needed this time to land musically, and to not feel stressed out about it. And probably for the first time ever I feel very proud and happy with how it all came out.

How it sounds? Well, I´m a sucker for the sounds of the 70´s, not least the early work of Elton John, Carole King and those kinds of very classic songwriters. I´ve been trying to work in that kind of spirit (even though I would never compare myself to such legends!). The sound is musician based rather than programming based, and as always, I´ve put a lot of work into the vocal arrangements. I have a love affair with acoustic piano, so I let that play a prominent part in the sound landscape. My intention is that when listening to "Roses" you can´t label it with a certain period of time."

In her native country of Sweden, Anna Sahlene is a well known public figure, not least through her numerous appearances on Sweden´s biggest tv-shows, as well as being played on the radio. She is a highly respected singer and a charismatic stage personality. In addition of being back in the lime light as a recording artist, Anna is also playing the part of Mary Magdalene in the very successful production of the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar in Stockholm.

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Roses - Anna Sahlene